A Life Transformed by Grace

Following years of multiple sexual abuses, parent’s divorce, and leaving home at thirteen, Lana married very young. She had become a child of God by accepting Jesus as her personal Savior at age six but walked away from Him at age sixteen, when she married. After marrying she was the Princess she had always wanted to be.

Married to a twenty-three year old former Airman she was his family’s pride and joy. He was an only child and his family was filled with good people, but none knew Christ. Lana miscarried at age seventeen, gave birth to their baby boy at age eighteen and divorced at age twenty-two.

The missing relationship in her marriage and her life was Jesus. Lana walked away from her Savior when she married. So caught up in the adoration of her new family she followed their lifestyle where Christ was absent. Lana tried in every way she could to be the perfect wife and mom at such a young age. All this time her marriage was crumbling without the oneness of a couple in Christ.

The story of Lana’s tragic divorce and custody battle is in her book; “…but, I Can’t Forgive Myself” which is available on this website. She made many tragic decisions during this time which resulted in a self-destructive life of guilt, shame and sin. The good news is, Jesus never left Lana but brought her through so much tragedy in those ten devastating years when she did not even want to live.

Lana’s life of ministry with her husband, Ray, comes from the restoration she received from her Lord after returning to Him in 1981. Jesus has taken them on a rocket ride, giving them passion for His Cross and the life they lead in its freedom. One major aspect of her restoration is an understanding of God’s amazing transforming grace and it has become her life’s message to teach and to preach. The finished work of Christ’s Cross is her passion which gives her compassion to see the lost saved by God’s amazing grace!

The new Transformed by Grace Bible Study, is a vision years coming to fruition.

After thirty years of teaching and preaching God’s Word, Ray and Lana are excited to fulfill this new calling to take His Word to those who are hungry for it. Lana will be the primary teacher but the class will be often blessed by Ray teaching what God gives him.

There is a Grace Revolution sweeping the world and Ray and Lana are so blessed to have such a message burning in their hearts. You will be blessed to receive it!


“The amazing and biblical truth, that God’s forgiveness is enough, was beautifully shared by the Holy Spirit through author Lana Sanders in “…but, I Can’t Forgive Myself”.  

The penetrating and liberating way she reveals how her life’s mistakes were transformed into a glorious celebration of God’s grace and forgiveness by accepting Jesus as Savior give abundant hope to all, and a deep desire to know God’s love.  

One afternoon of reading can change your eternity.”


Images and emotions from my own childhood emerged as I read Miss Lana’s account as a little girl. I followed every word with tears and as her story lead her to the cross and I identified with that walk in a very similar way. The most impactful moment for me was when she described going back to church after receiving The Lord.

“For months, all I could do was cry when we started attending church, especially during worship. I was being cleansed by Gods loving presence. I had so hardened my heart that I had been unable to cry for years, and now God was tenderizing my heart. It was a precious time of cleansing and renewal.”

I had never had the ability to explain how I felt coming back to The Lord, and finally acknowledging that I am forgiven and no longer need to be burdened in Him. Through the grace of God, Miss Lana has given words to the toughest emotions and shed light on the dark areas no one dares to speak. Her writing style is as candid, loving, and as full of Christ as she is in person. This is a must read no matter what course your life has taken that has kept you from truly knowing Jesus personally and accepting that you are already forgiven in his name.

Thank you Lana for sharing yourself throughout your life in ministry, and charity, and now so intimately through your testimonies. – Your Friend in Christ



“I am reading this book and from a man’s perspective, it is awesome, definitely worth buying, let’s support our Christian family, Lana and Ray are a huge blessing to my family and I am sure so many others feel the same. Love them with all our hearts.”


A great book written by a really beautiful woman whom I am proud to call my friend! Get a copy if you haven’t already!


It took me 2 and 1/2 hours to read “…but, I Can’t Forgive Myself”.  I found that once I started, I could not stop.  Even though it was written by one of my closest friends, I felt like I was meeting her for the first time, as an abused child, a wounded wife and a grieving mother.  Lana’s candor and honesty stunned and surprised me.  My reoccurring thought was, “Wow, she really just told that!”  My husband, her pastor, and I bought our first 10 books and I can already see a reorder necessary.  I plan on giving it to every wounded, guilt-ridden, heartbroken person who I think will read and receive it.  What a wonderful tool to help dispel the lies of the enemy about our past and our mistakes.  I highly recommend this powerful little book with its HUGE message.

JM – Friend and Pastor

This book is well written and very insightful with stories to illustrate the author’s own life experience and how God helped her reclaim her life.

Lana takes the reader step-by-step through understanding the need for and the process of being forgiven.  For those who struggle to forgive themselves and who want freedom to experience the joy Jesus wants for us!  This is a must read!!!   It will change your life!


“I Can’t Forgive Myself” is a heartfelt, touching story of a life living in guilt, shame and pain. But with God’s love and Grace He used this life to touch so many, giving hope to those who have none, through His Precious love.


“I just finished reading the most amazing and very awesome “God inspired” book, “…but, I Can’t Forgive Myself “, by Lana Sanders. It is very “Freeing”.  Thanks Lana for listening and obeying the Lord to write such a profound message!  We all need to have ears to hear! “


” but,…..I Can’t Forgive Myself” is a riveting book chronicling the path Lana followed as she turned to a life of sin.  She shared her darkest days of sexual abuse and abandonment as a child, divorce, abortion, suicide attempts and then miraculously, the rededication of her life to Christ Jesus.  She gives God all the praise and honor for saving her from undesirable pain and sorrow and delivering to a glorious life ministering to brokenhearted people. Great, inspirational book everyone should read.  I highly recommend it!!!


“This book is small in size, yet large in confirming the deception that we have the ability to “forgive ourselves”.  Biblically based and well written, “…but I Can’t Forgive Myself” explains in layman’s terms how impossible this is.  Finally, someone has come forward to dispel the notion of forgiving oneself.   Lana has shared the most intimate, darkest parts of her life in exchange for the promise of helping others see truth.  This little book is a must read!”


“The amazing and biblical truth, that God’s forgiveness is enough, was beautifully shared by the Holy Spirit, through author Lana Sanders in, “…but, I Can’t Forgive Myself”. The penetrating and liberating way she reveals how her life’s mistakes were transformed into a glorious celebration of God’s grace and forgiveness by accepting Jesus as Savior gives abundant hope to all, and a deep desire to know God’s love.

One afternoon of reading can change your eternity!”

C. G.

“The burden of trying to forgive myself kept me bound for years. I heard I was suppose to but couldn’t do it. Lana wrote in this book that the danger in that is also believing, God couldn’t forgive me either. I guess that’s really what I believed until I read this book. Thank God someone finally showed me in God’s word that I my struggle is over. Read this book and see God’s Amazing Grace!”


An Amazing book by my dear friend Lana Sanders. A must read for all!!


I related to so much in Lana’s life and found hope from these pages!



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